Join us sundays 10 AM

Copy of Welcome Lunch (FBC)Welcome Lunch is just that…a lunch to say welcome! There will be a good balance of newcomers and committed regulars of our church. That way you can meet some people who might be in the same position as you in looking for a new church to call ‘home’. There will also be those who have been at church longer than you, some for months and others for decades! So there will be plenty of welcoming happening!

During all the food there will also be a short explanation from our Lead Pastor, Tony, about who we are as a church and where we are planning on going (by God’s grace!) in the future. After this there will be an opportunity for you to ask us some questions you might have, or even some clarifying questions on what was just said.

Our hope and prayer for those attending Welcome Lunch is that they might know more of us as a church family and individuals. This should help in their decision to commit to our church community or set out to find a church they want to commit to whole-heartedly. So in coming to Welcome Lunch you are not automatically signing your life away, it is only a step to help you with the bigger decision of committing to a church community.

Please contact the church office on 9398 4191 if you have any further questions or to find out when the next Welcome Lunch is being held.